Ready for a change?  Come join the dynamic team at RAK Logistics.  We are a group of progressive business owners from all corners of the globe who have come together to create a unique enterprise with one of its primary objectives Employee Success.  To recruit the best talent available in the industry, and provide an exciting career path for each employee and to dedicate time, product and resources back to our local communities.

Whether you are just getting started with your career or are already established and looking for something new and exciting, a place that at the end of the day you feel accomplishment, we are interested in talking to you!  We are looking for game changers, people who can make a difference and have fun doing it.  People willing to contribute to their communities.

At RAK Logistics, no 2 days are alike especially without the typical constraints of layers of bureaucracy.  Success here requires dedication, free thinkers, global citizens, collaboration and humility to roll up your sleeves to get the job done.

Current Openings

Ocean Import Agent - USA                                Inland Empire, CA

Import/Export Logistics Agent - USA               Inland Empire, CA      

Warehouse Supervisor - USA                           Inland Empire, CA

Sales & Marketing Coordinator - USA             Los Angeles (LAX - Westside)

Inside Sales Representative - USA                   Los Angeles (LAX - Westside)

Business Development

Manager - Warehouse - USA                            Los Angeles (LAX - Westside)

Business Development

Manager - Air Freight - USA                              Los Angeles (LAX - Westside)

Air Export Agent - USA                                       Los Angeles (LAX)

Box Truck Driver / Warehouse - USA               Los Angeles (LAX)

Director of Sales - Singapore                             Singapore

Finance Manager - Singapore                           Singapore


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