Corporate Social Responsibility

At RAK Logistics we encourage all of our teammates to take the 1% Pledge to commit their time and our resources to integrate philanthropy from an early stage everywhere globally.

The 1% model pioneered and shared by and adopted by corporations worldwide for the last 15 years is a movement dedicated to making the community a key stakeholder in every business. The 1% pledge challenges every individual and our Company to commit time, product and resources into their local communities.

“ The business of business is improving the state of the world ” - Marc Benioff, Chairman,


“ RAK Logistics is passionately committed to an employee and company movement servicing our local communities. ” - Steve Russell, Group CEO, RAK Logistics Holdings Pte Ltd


How to pledge 1% of Employee Time
A great place to start is to determine what causes employees to have a passion to support local programs in their communities and the company to support time to volunteer. At RAK we encourage and promote employee volunteering by establishing a VTO policy (Volunteer Time Off) currently 1 day per quarter.

How to pledge 1% of Product
The best way to start is to offer our services for free or for a deep discount to nonprofits we select to support in our communities. Every nonprofit needs transportation and logistics services from time to time and our teams are always prepared to step in and provide our global expertise, whether it’s to support disaster relief or any local project.

How to pledge 1% of Equity

At RAK Logistics we are committed to setting aside 1% of our company profits and to make grants or earmark contributions to designated community programs.